Bhel Puri Recipe

Bhel Puri recipe is the most famous chaat recipe. It is sometimes read as bhelpuri, bhel poori or bhel puri chaat recipe.

Ingredients for Bhel Puri:

2 cups puffed rice (Murmure/Parmal/Laee)
1 large onion
1 large tomato
1 medium sized potato
1/2 table-spoon coriander leaves finely chopped for garnishing (Dhaniya patti)
1/2 cup fine sev
1/4 cup half-cooked moong sprouts (ankurit moong)
2 t-spoon roasted peanuts (mum phali)
1 1/4 t-spoon Coriander chutney (Dhaniya Chutney)
2 t-spoon tamarind chutney (Imli)
salt to taste
1/4 t-spoon lime juice (Nimbu ka ras)
6-8 papdis crushed


How to make Bhel Puri:

  • Chop the onion and tomato. Boil the potato and peel it.
  • Now take a large bowl add puffed rice, onion, tomato, potato, moong sprouts, peanuts, coriander chutney,  tamarind chutney, lime juice, papdis and salt to taste, 1/4 table-spoon coriander leaves and 1/4 cup sev
  • Mix it well using a big spoon for 1-2 mins.
  • Now serve Bhel Puri immediately with small round papdis or puri and garnish it with remaining sev and coriander leaves.