Blackcurrant Juice Recipe

Blackcurrant Juice Recipe is very popular in United Kingdom as it is considered to be very healthy in UK.

Ingredients for Blackcurrant Juice :

2 cups Fresh Blackcurrants
2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar


How to make Blackcurrant Juice :

  • In a large pan, boil water and blackcurrants on low heat for 15 mins, mashing the black currants several times. Turn off the heat.
  • Cool to room temperature. With the help of a strainer take out the juice and mix sugar in it.
  • Put this juice on a medium-high flame and boil for about 15 mins. to make the juice concentrated. Turn off the heat and cool the juice to room temperature. Then, keep it in a refrigerator and serve Blackcurrant juice after 2 hours of cooling.