Ginger Juice Recipe

Ingredients for Ginger Juice :

Fresh Ginger pieces


How to make Ginger Juice :

  • Peel the skin of Ginger. Grate it using a fine grater.
  • Add grated Ginger to the blender. Blend it to a smooth paste.
  • Now, with the help of a strainer, strain the juice out of it.
  • Ginger juice is ready to drink.

Ginger juice can also be mixed with lime to give you Ginger lime juice. Try the recipe below for Ginger lime juice.

  • After taking out the ginger juice using the above recipe.
  • Take one glass of child water and squeeze one lemon in it. Add 1 table-spoon of sugar, ginger juice and a pinch of salt.
  • Fresh Ginger lime juice is ready to drink. Add some ice cubes to it.