Peach Pickle Recipe

Firm Ripe Peaches are used to make Peach Pickle so that they last long after getting cooked in hot water. We recommend them to peel off and then use them but you can always use Peaches with skin for pickling. The pickle is sweet in taste and goes well with a huge range of spicy dishes.

Ingredients for Peach Pickle Recipe:

1 kg Ripe Peaches (Aadoo)
250 grams Raisins (Kismis)
600 ml. white vinegar
3 cups sugar   
30 grams red chillies
1 t-spoon ground ginger


How to Pickle Peaches :

  • Cook peaches in very hot water for 1 minute. Peel off skin, Cut peaches in 2 pieces and remove seeds.
  • Combine sugar and half the vinegar in a saucepan, bring it to boil.
  • Add peaches, reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer until peaches are soft.
  • Slice the red chillies and remove its seeds. Add them to the saucepan. Add Raisins, chillies, ginger and remaining vinegar.
  • Simmer, uncovered, until mixture has reduced and thickened.
  • When cool, pour into disinfected airtight jar. Pickled Peaches are ready to eat after 2 days.