Carrot Chutney Recipe

Carrot chutney gives sweet and spicy flavour and goes well with idli and dosa. Carrot is a very healthy and rich source of fiber, available almost a full year in form of red carrot or orange carrot.

Ingredients for Carrot Chutney:

250 gms. Carrot (Gajar)
4 blanched almonds (Peeled Almonds/Badam)
2 t-spoons raisins (Kishmish)
1 t-spoon ginger, chopped in long stripes (Adrak)
1 piece garlic, chopped (Lahsun)
1 big Cardamom, crushed (Moti Elaichi)
1/4 t-spoon Red chilli powder
3/4 cup Vinegar (Sirka)
1 t-spoon Salt
3/4 cup Sugar or to taste
1/2 cup water


How to make Carrot Chutney:

  • Peel the Carrots and grate them.
  • Boil grated carrot with 1/2 cup of water along with ginger and garlic, cook until carrot gets cooked and water is absorbed. Keep stirring frequently so that carrot should not gets burnt from bottom.
  • Now add the remaining ingredients and cook until the mixture form a thick chutney. Then turn off the heat. Let Carrot chutney gets cool at room temperature.
  • Then, transfer Carrot Chutney to a clean air tight glass jar. Serve after 3-4 days.