Lemon Chutney Recipe

Lemon chutney is also known as Nimbu ki chutney. It is very tangy in flavour that why we add sugar and spices to it. As the storage time of lemon chutney increases, better gets the taste of lemon chutney. It can be served with all types of Indian food like roti, sabzi, pulao, biryani and non vegetarian food also. Try the authentic and easy recipe of Lemon chutney shown below.

Ingredients for Lemon Chutney:

15 medium size Lemons (Nimbu / Lime)
2 cloves, ground (Laung)
1 big cardamom, ground (Moti Ilaichi)
1/2 t-spoon Red chilli powder (Lal mirch)
1 cup Sugar
1 table-spoon Salt


How to make Lemon Chutney:

  • Squeeze out the juice of lemon and add salt to this lemon juice.  Cut long strips of lemon and dip it into the lemon juice immediately and put it in an airtight glass jar.
  • Keep this jar in sunlight for a whole week and shake the jar properly everyday.
  • After a week add all the remaining ingredients and mix them well with lemon in glass jar. Again keep the lemon chutney in sunlight for 4-5 days and shake it properly each day.
  • Give Lemon chutney a month or so to get the lemon skin blend of all the spices. Lemon chutney can be preserved for months, if kept in an air-tight glass jar.