Kulfi Recipe

Ingredients for Kulfi:

3 cups whole milk
200 gms. wiped cream (Malai) (optional)
4 table-spoon sugar or to taste
1/2 t-spoon cardamom, powdered (ilaichi)
6-7 pistachios finely chopped (pista)
10-15 strains saffron (kesar)


How to make Kulfi:

  • Take a blender and add cream and half cup milk. Blend them until they form a smooth paste.
  • In a thick base saucepan pour the remaining milk and pistachios, keep it on medium-high heat, stirring every minute. Keep removing the cream from the sides of the pan and mix it in hot milk. Keep boiling milk until it reduces to its 3/4 ie. around 1 1/2 cups of the milk should remain in the pan.
  • Now add the cream mixture to the pan, stir it well, reduce the heat to low-medium, boil for another 3-4 mins, stirring continuously.
  • Next, add sugar, saffron strands and cardamom, turn the heat to low, keep stirring for 2 mins. more. Then, turn off the heat and let the kulfi mixture cool down.
  • Now pour the cooled kulfi mixture in a bowl, or if possible, pour kulfi mixture in a kulfi tray, insert kulfi sticks to it and keep them in a freezer. Freeze kulfi for about 6-8 hours then serve it

Variation: Instead of malai you could also take a slice of bread, remove all its hard sides and blend it in place of Malai